Empowering Parents, Enriching Children

Kyndor [kīn dȯr] is a free mobile app, connecting parents within the school communities in a secure and easy way.

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Empowering Parents, {Enriching Children}

A single app for connecting parents

Kyndor’s unique features include chat groups specific to your child’s school, activities offered in your area, and other events around town.


Tune in to Kyndor Vibes - blogs and articles written by professionals or even experienced moms that interact with children on an emotional level. Interested in writing an article?
Contact your local Moderator.


Kyndor chat – an easier way to communicate. Great for project groups, scouts, room parents, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities or even direct messages – don’t miss out on the conversation!


Connect with parents from your child’s grade, classroom or create your own group. Read all about community and school news, blogs, and upcoming local events. Don’t miss out!

Feel Safe

We adhere to the highest privacy and data security standards. A moderated, peer- regulated network allows only validated members to join and stay connected.

Stay organized effortlessly

As busy parents with busy children, we belong to numerous email lists and group chats, we log-in to multiple activity portals and subscribe to feeds to keep up with the lives of our children.

What if you could receive all your communications through one simple, friendly, secure spot?

That’s why we created Kyndor.


What Parents are Saying

We love Kyndor, but don’t just listen to us. See what other Kyndor parents are saying!

Connecting and Rewarding Local Community.