Kyndor Kinship Huddle

Recreating Mother’s Collectives for our kids.

Kyndor Kinship Huddle is our initiative where parents can freely converse regarding matters pertaining to raising kids, share relevant information, pool resources for appropriate causes, create business opportunities, launch events and think-tank together productively.

Did you know that even our bodies are hardwired by Mother Nature for group mothering of our children?

Once upon a time, it was a group of such mothers bound by kinship ties who collectively reared their young. This formed the living foundation of a healthy wholesome community. It not only ensured the physical, mental and emotional security of the children but also ensured the survival of the community and the species.

We no longer live an earthbound life in small hamlets in continuity with our ancestors. To ‘look out for one another’ is no longer a comfortable given.

In the lives we live today, often so far from our roots, what we miss out on are these warm bonds of female kinship that eases out the stress of raising kids all by ourselves.

Our recognition of the real need to foster a community of concerned mothers, building close kinship for the good of our growing children made an app like Kyndor possible.

Bonding there, in a virtual space, inspired us enough to want to meet face to face in a physical space and take our kinships forward productively.

So here we are at the first Kinship Huddle that Kyndor made possible!

Kyndor Kinship Huddle today is a freshly launched real-time warm cozy gathering of mothers at the house of a selected moderator meeting over raffle time and snacks while talking out things.

This time KYNDOR and the exploration of its potential was the main theme addressing first time users who attended this meeting.

We look forward to the Kyndor Huddle touching lives and making us all richer for it!

Join our facebook group to participate in this huddle!

By Mythily (Kakani) Varanasi
CRO & Co-Founder at Kyndor Inc

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