Towards a Kyndor community for our kids

Actually, no kid is meant to come into this world lonely.

Kids belong to the Community.

They are its foundation and its continuity.

So to grow safe, grow sane and grow healthy, our kids need many many friendly parent figures and many many many siblings.

So do we, as parents, forever multitasking and often alone in juggling with mental, physical and emotional challenges on a daily basis.

As the saying goes “It takes not just a pair of parents but an entire village to raise kids well”

We no longer live in small villages in continuity with our ancestors going back generations where looking out for one another is simply the natural order of things.

So if we need a kinder place to raise our kids, we need to build consciously, strong warm ties of kinship.

And a space to foster them in the crowded heavily scheduled lives we have to lead.

Kyndor is that dedicated space.

With sensitively designed user-friendly multiple platforms, Kyndor makes it actually possible to build kinships upon animated dialogue and discussions between parents.

Kyndor is a convenient place where parents freely converse about matters regarding raising kids, share relevant information, pool resources for appropriate causes, create events and generally think-tank together.

Kyndor: Towards a kinder world for parents and kids

By Mythily (Kakani) Varanasi
CRO & Co-Founder at Kyndor Inc

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