Women’s Day x 365 = ?

Ok. So we didn’t go all breathless about posting a blog to time perfectly with March 8, International Women’s Day.

No. We don’t feel one bit sorry about it either.

Because we have a darned good reason not to be. Wanna know what that is?

Here goes the  March 8:

You want us to celebrate just that one day? One single measly day a year for Women?! Really?

Who are you kidding!?

Face it. ( Because we do every day! )

The world, as it is today, extracts a much, much greater price from a woman than it does from a man to even to stay reasonably vibrant, healthy, happy and live.

(We are talking about just enough to keep performing and balancing our daily life roles well!. We aren’t even talking about the big stuff -like excelling in our education or chosen careers! )

So all you divas already up there who have worked your backs sore to get to where you are?

We turn the arclights away from you for a moment and shine it upon us

(Now isn’t it a fact that we have either no time to give ourselves a little importance? Or worse, have been culturally conditioned not to give that to ourselves ?. Or at really the worst, actually, think it is a bad thing to do?!)

Goggles on, girls! 😎

Right now, on this Kyndor Women’s day post, it is we who are the divas.

Look at us! Who are we?

We are Multitasker Moms, each of us.

That inexhaustible superwoman combo with an invisible M written across our chests like in the comic book.


We don’t exactly leap off buildings and stuff.

But we play so many roles that form the hub of Home Life -Diplomat, Counselor, Finance Minister, Nurse, Firefighter, Cook, Janitor …(Hey! in the next Kyndor Huddle let’s have some  fun adding more to this list!)

Our extraordinariness has become so ordinary even to our own vision of ourselves that we do not value ourselves for who we really are.

(So how can we expect others  to?)
And just why do we do all that we do?

Because we are Women. We are Mothers.

We care. We protect. We nurture.
(And yet so many of us fumble when we are asked what we do.

Haven’t you answered with this vague mumble at least at some point in your life to that question

“…so what are you doing?”

“Er…Nothing these days…I am just a housewife/a SATM( stay-at-home-mother)”

Girls! That is our Kryptonite!
(Remember that weird green glowing stone that takes away all the powers of Superman or Superwoman?)

We need to defuse these feelings.

Our common goal is raising self-reliant healthy happy confident children. Right?

Only self-confident well supported mothers can get this done.

That is why it is so important to have a community of parents. That is why we have Kyndor.

Kyndor makes possible the growth of a vibrant community that makes sharing of concerns and their solutions possible.

It makes dealing with the heavy emotional, physical and practical tasks of parenting so much easier; To turn it into a rewarding, enriching, fun and truly win-win for all!

Wholesome vibrant Communities = Confident Happy  Mothers.

Confident Happy  Mothers=Self-reliant Healthy Happy Confident Children

Self-reliant Healthy Happy Confident Children=Wholesome Vibrant Communities.

That’s how the Math of Well Being works.

Oh! … And before we forget, Happy Women’s Day!

That is practically every day on Kyndor!

Copy that!

Join our facebook group .

Let’s stir it up, sisters!

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